Monetary Donations

100% of the funds raised throughout this event will go to our Beneficiaries.

Unlike some organisations that are raising funds for Not For Profit charities, we will not be touching the money we raise to cover our own costs. Some organisations are keeping in excess of 80% of the money that they have received.

The money we raise will be split evenly between our two Beneficiaries.

Financial donations can be made directly to our MyCause page. The funds are then automatically sent to our Beneficiaries by the MyCause platform.  

Any funds received by us in the form of cash or cheques will be deposited by us onto our MyCause page. Using the MyCause system, people and organisations will be able to print a receipt for tax deduction purposes. 

If a person or organisation wishes to donate money to help cover our costs (such as fuel and camping fees) they will also be gratefully accepted.

All money provided through sponsorship will  help us facilitate the event, and will be used to help cover the cost for fuel and camping fees.