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Phone: 0427 388 168



How to leave a message to us utilising the VKS-737 radio network 

This is only for when we are out of phone range and you have an urgent message!

Telephone (08) 7325 2610 

Follow the prompts. Note that you will be asked for……….. 

  • Our name (Paul or Kirstine Roadley) 
  • Our callsign (Black Dog 0212)
  • A general location for us if known (refer to our Itinerary page)
  • Your name
  • Your phone number (VKS-737 may need to get back to you).
  • The message!

You have approximately 1 minute for the recording.

Important Advice: VKS-737 cannot guarantee acceptance or delivery of messages within their systems!  It is possible that technical failure in any of their systems may prevent your message being relayed to us. Adverse HF conditions may also prevent effective contact with us. If you have other potential methods of communicating with us, we suggest those methods be employed in addition to this facility.

Content: VKS-737 do not accept messages that they judge to be potentially offensive or that may in any way contravene federal communications law.

Length: If messages are unnecessarily long, and/or contain frivolous and/or trivial content VKS-737 volunteer staff will most likely reduce the content. Please include the essentials only!

Phone: If you could telephone us please do that instead of using this facility.

Expiry: If your message is not retrieved by us within 5 days, it will be deleted (although urgent messages may be retained on the list, at VKS-737 discretion).

Confidentiality: The forwarding of messages is a public ‘event’ on the HF airwaves so there is no level of confidentiality. Consider the content of your message.

Urgency: Messages nominated as URGENT will find VKS-737 applying all available resources to make contact with us, but they cannot indicate any particular level of success.