About Us

Paul is currently suffering from Severe Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We have seen how much Luna has helped Paul, so we want to raise as many funds as possible to that mindDog Australia can continue their service to the community.  Unfortunately mindDog has had to close applications for 12 month due to being overwhelmed with requests for assistance.  The money raised through our cause will help pay for staff, to  train the dogs and purchase equipment.

Paul has raised quite a lot of money for Lifeline over the last few years.  With Paul’s condition he has been suicidal, and having organisations such as Lifeline available 24/7 has been lifesaving.  Unfortunately the government has recently cut funding to Lifeline meaning that they may not be able to keep a 24/7 presence.

Paul has been involved as a volunteer and paid member of Emergency Services throughout Australia for the last 26 years in roles from general local volunteer through to state level Manager.  Over this time, Paul has seen many of his colleagues suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, attempted and successful Suicide.  In 2004 Paul was nominated for Australian of the Year for his services to the community.  Paul really wants to educate communities and volunteer groups about the help that is available to them, and hopefully save lives along the way.

Through Paul’s previous fundraisers he has had several people message him stating that it was through his education through their community group that they went and sought help, saving their lives.  This is testament about how effective Paul is as an educator.

We are going to be travelling around Australia with our children (8, 7, 6) and Paul’s Mental Health Assistance Dog (Luna) raising much needed funds and awareness of Lifeline Australia and mindDog Australia.  Whilst we are travelling, our kids will not be attending a physical school, but they will be participating in a Distance Education school.

Both of these organisations are Not for Profit and are in desperate need of more money to help them to continue their great work for the Australian community. Our target is to raise a minimum of $200,000 and to have enriched more than 1 million people’s lives by giving them potentially life saving information.

The “Black Dog” mentioned in the title of this event refers to Depression. The phrase was referred to by Winston Churchill who mentioned several times about having the Black Dog on his back.

We will be travelling in a four wheel drive with an off-road camper trailer/roof tent for us to sleep in. This setup will allow us to travel to more remote communities, and we plan to cover a significant part of Australia.

If you or a organisation/club you know would like to sponsor us, you can find ways to help us by referring to our Support Us page.  If you would like to make a donation, you can do it on our My Cause page.  If you would like us to attend a club or organisation to discuss our cause, you can contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Driving Oz with the Black Dog is a registered business (ABN: 32 921 499 228).  Click here to see the business details on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website.