Introducing Chief Remote Pilot – Paul Roadley

Paul Alexander Roadley trading as Earth Sea and Sky Photographics ReOC_

Today we have internet again and have had an amazing email arrive, which we just had to share. 

Last year Paul completed his RePL (Remote Pilot Licence), thanks to FPV Australia.

This 5 day course is Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Approved and trains participants in all things related to the safe operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). This is individual permission to fly.

The next step in becoming a commercial drone pilot is obtaining the RPA Operator Certificate (ReOC). This is a massive undertaking, and involves studying the rules and regulations surrounding drone operations. Manuals of policies and procedures need to be prepared for approval by CASA, and are incredibly detailed and specific. Paul had to complete an assessment within 72 hours – a case study based on a given scenario, showing that he understands the processes that need to be followed to operate a drone safely and for commercial purposes. Total RPA are CASA approved to assess this huge undertaking, and are one of our sponsors.

More often than not, the assessments are incomplete and further updates are required before the applicant can be passed. Paul’s assessment was flawless – if anything he was too detailed!

The final step is a 90 minute phone interview, where applicants discuss their assessment submission and the steps they followed in completing it, as well as specific questions regarding drone operations. Answers must be clear as they go directly to CASA as part of the ReOC application.

Today we came into phone/internet range again after 48 hours, and received the most amazing email. 

Paul is now the holder of a RPA Operator Certificate. He is the Chief Remote Pilot for our future business, Earth Sea & Sky Photographics. He has put a massive amount of effort into the last few months of study, all the while forging ahead with our travel with children and all of the inherent responsibilities, discussions with people about mental health awareness, the ups and downs of living with PTSD and depression, and coping with personal difficulties that have arisen in the last few weeks.

None of this would have been possible without the support of John Fleming of FPV Australia, including Jason Wuttke, and Total RPA. You have supported Paul through this intensive process, given us the opportunity to fully use the video footage we have captured with the DJI Mavic Pro & Phantom 4 Professional (while we have it on loan) as part of Driving Oz with the Black Dog in post production. You have opened the door to a new career for a man who can no longer return to the world of first responders, and given him a chance at a fresh start and bright future. There are no words to express how eternally grateful we are. 

Three cheers for Chief Remote Pilot Paul Roadley!

Three cheers for FPV Australia!

Three cheers for Total RPA!



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