Loving Lake Argyle

Heavenly infinity pool
Magical infinity pool
Ord River Dam – taken with Phantom 4 Professional
Banners at Lake Argyle
great banner exposure at our site
Beautiful gorges below the dam wall
below the dam wall
Great visibility at Lake Argyle
great banner exposure at our site
Ord River Dam topside
Ord River Dam
Paul keeping an eye on the Phantom 4 Professional
Paul keeps his eye on the Phantom 4 Professional
Scenic helicopter flights from right at the resort
scenic flights right from the resort
WA-NT border
leaving WA for the NT

It was only a short 70km trip from Kununurra out to Lake Argyle, along a road that it is part damaged from flooding. With a lot of travellers moving in and out of the area on narrow roads, there were times it was necessary to move over to be able to safely pass.

We couldn’t believe the lines of caravans & campers queued to enter the caravan park, but the resort has a very efficient system to move people around quickly. Staff at the petrol bowsers have a list of expected guests and the site they have been allocated to and guide them on pushbike to that location. The staff are all very fit, and we thought it was a great way to get the job done! No-one had to wait overly long to have their turn for a personalized guide!

When our turn came, the staff were fantastic and made sure we were given a prominent site so that we could put up our banners. Leah was on duty at the front desk when we went in to say hello. It is always nice when we get to meet the people who have organised such great support for our trip. We hadn’t noticed that we had no phone or internet since we arrived, and Leah told us that every afternoon between 4.30-6.30 they have WIFI available for free to guests in the beer garden area. In her words, it’s not great, but it’s something! She fastened the temporary wristbands on for us, identifying as a guests, and wished us a great stay. Wristbands I hear you asking? Can you believe that some people just park offsite and wander in to use the guest only (or paid day visitor) pool and amenities? The cheek of some people!

Setting up was quick and easy as always with the Jayco, and the kids set up their swags for a three-night stay on the large site. Our banners were hung, and it didn’t take long for people to start taking photographs of the Legend or stopping to look at all the lovely signwriting. A couple nearby had seen the kids helping to get everything organized, and stopped to compliment us on their helpfulness and behaviour. As tough as it is to travel full time with three kids, they really do get stuck in to help and everything is easier on us parents as a result. It is necessary to sometimes remind them of tasks that need doing, but they are kids after all, not robots. Having said that, an “Off” or “Mute” switch would be handy occasionally!

During our stay, seeing as we were communications-impaired, we explored what we could around the lake and dam, spotting a freshwater croc in the water below the dam wall, and getting some interesting videos which we’ll get around to editing when we get home. Before we flew, Paul had a quick word with the on-site helicopter pilot to advise that he would be monitoring the Airband radio, and also to let him know that at some point Paul would be flying a drone in the area. There is a lot of scenic flight traffic over the lake, as you can imagine. The pilot was very appreciative of Paul checking in and told him that only earlier that day he had been temporarily grounded because some fool was flying a drone over the infinity pool area adjacent to the helicopter landing zone. Incredibly dangerous, not to mention illegal!

On the topic of flying drones illegally, we also heard of a traveller observed at Home Hill Station, flying his drone not only above other campers, but also despite frequent helicopters flying over the area. From those who saw what happened, other drone enthusiasts spoke to the operator and suggested he land the drone while the helicopters were around. These well-meaning enthusiasts were apparently told in no uncertain terms where they could go and what they could do with their advice! Unfortunately, we know of the person in question, and have seen online that he flies in restricted areas and appears to be trying to garner support for his You Tube page. Meanwhile we have friends who pilot helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for both business and leisure, and we shudder at the thought of someone sending a drone into the path of one of these. The kids saw someone flying a Phantom 2 over them at our campsite and ran to tell Paul. As Paul went out to speak to the operator, he saw his girlfriend PHYSICALLY CATCH the drone as he lowered it over her – such was the level of competence and confidence of the operator. He couldn’t land it, but it was okay for his girlfriend to risk her fingers in grabbing a drone in flight?! Paul warned them about flying in the park and over people, risking injury and fines. He was met with the same attitude as the aforementioned recreational flyer. Some people have no conscience.

The infinity pool at the Lake Argyle Resort is a major drawcard for tourists and visitors alike, and it is truly special. One morning, Kirstine took the kids for an early morning swim before the visitors arrived to take over. It was brisk, but it was utterly entrancing to swim in a pool with no visible edge obscuring the view to Lake Argyle. It was calming, and simply a wonderful way to start the day.

As wonderful as the scenery at Lake Argyle is, the discussions we had were special too. We met two ex-military men who took photos of the Legend and thanked us for making our trip so public to raise awareness for those suffering from PTSD.

Our favourite visitors by far were a lovely young couple on their second long distance journey exploring this massive country of ours. With travel stories to share, as well as their own personal journeys with healing from mental illness and coming to terms with a health condition that will restrict the ability to travel eventually, having these two spend hours with us over coffee was by far a highlight. We hope to see them again when they choose to head south to Victoria (assuming that’s where we stay!).

There is much luxury for some at Lake Argyle, but we fell in love with the wide expanse of lake, and the serenity of the infinity pool. As we left, we saw again the queues of new visitors arriving, smiling knowingly at the wonderful stay they would have, and wondering when we would have internet again, so we could catch up on everything! We’re nearly up to date!



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