Droning on about DJI


Do you recall we mentioned the logistical difficulties in getting mail when we’re in remote places? Try waiting on three parcels from different locations!

Two of the parcels were courtesy of a new sponsor, DJI. Paul was successful in finding the right contact within this huge international country, who was able to arrange a “loan drone”. It’s not just any drone, it’s a Phantom 4 Pro “Obsidian”. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? It’s a beautiful charcoal grey colour, and is of the same type that Paul flew when he completed his Remote Pilot Licence with FPV Australia last year. 

The Phantom 4 Pro weighs 1.4kg, so it’s much heavier than the Mavic Pro (734g), so it’s a bit different to fly. The colour of these units is a real bonus – being dark in colour, you can actually see them in the sky, even when it’s cloudy. The onboard camera can take 20 megapixel stills and 4K/60fps video. We’re still learning about its other features! The Phantom isn’t as compact and portable as the Mavic Pro, but now that we’re travelling in our Jayco, we’ve got a bit more storage space to play with!

Having the option to fly a different drone broadens the horizons for us on a few levels, and means that if one is out of action for any reason, we have redundancy and won’t miss out on any filming opportunities. Of course, everything depends on weather and any local restrictions on where we can fly, but on that note we have some news to share in a later blog!

We don’t get to keep the Phantom 4 Professional, but we are very grateful that DJI have put their faith in us and our cause, to provide us with a brilliant opportunity to pilot a different type of drone – a fabulous piece of quadcopter equipment. Now we have two drones to choose from, so maybe Kirstine will have to learn how to fly. Twice the fun, twice the imagery, oh, and twice the work in sorting photos!


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