Thanks to Telstra!

Telstra Samsung Galaxy S8


Amidst the chaos that has been the last couple of weeks, we’re late in sending a huge thanks to a new sponsor – Telstra!

Our old Samsung Galaxy S6s were really starting to throw tantrums at inopportune moments, which is not the best situation when we rely on them for communication and internet! No phones = no blogs = no social media = a bit of a catastrophe, really!

Paul made contact with the CEO of Telstra, who was more than happy to send us new phones in support of our journey. We got the news while we were at Cervantes, but getting mail to us can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, as we are on the move so much.

It was while we were in the Pilbara a few weeks later that two beautifully shiny Samsung Galaxy S8s arrived for us. Transferring all our contacts onto the new phones was made easy with the Samsung Switch app, and now we are up and running with reliable new smartphones which don’t first have to have a coffee and a think about making a call or sending an email.

We are immensely thankful to Telstra for organising these new phones for us. It has certainly alleviated some of the technology-stress we had been experiencing! 

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