Talks along the Turquoise Coast


Yes, Australia has a Turquoise Coast as we’ve discovered. The Turkish Riviera also carries the same nickname, but believe me, we’re still in the land Down Under!

After a bit of a marathon slog from Denmark, via Perth to do some messages, and up to Lancelin, we were chasing the sun and setting up as the last rays of the sun disappeared. Thankfully the Jayco is quick and easy to set up, so we were inside and cooking tea, albeit a late one, soon after.

The Lancelin Holiday Park is under new management and welcomed us with a powered site for two nights. We had lovely chats with the couple camped behind us, who loved Luna’s energy, and frequently gave her hugs and rubs when she was around the caravan. The Indian Ocean, on Western Australia’s coast, has the most phenomenal sunsets. It is something we miss from our time living in this state. Unfortunately the sea spray, and high winds, made it impossible for us to fly the drone or get some photos, however the restless and unpredictable nature of the sea made impressions on our souls.

Sandboarding on the dunes at Lancelin is rated a TripAdvisor #1 activity, so we had to go and try it. The best part is, for a large family travelling on a tight budget, hiring a board for 2.5hrs is $12.50 (plus a $50 refundable cash deposit), so we had to go! The dunes cover a MASSIVE area, so there is plenty of space for sandboarders, quad bikes, dirt bikes, and everything inbetween. Luna wore herself out running up and down the dunes, “saving” the kids from the perils of the sandboard. The kids were exhausted after sliding down the sand but having to walk back up the soft sand with the board. The kids wiped out, Paul & Kirstine had a go, and it was well worth a small amount of dollars to have this family experience. One family decided it was ok to ride their quad bikes over the same dunes as we were sliding on, and as we found out when returning the sandboard, this is a HUGE no-no. There is an etiquette to enjoying the dunes. The lovely lady at the store was cranky that we’d been inconvenienced and hoped that the ranger who’d been patrolling the area reported the people responsible.

From Lancelin we headed to the RAC Cervantes Holiday Park had welcomed us for a couple of nights. We spoke to a beautiful lady, whose daughter is doing better now. The mother had taken her daughter to the hospital, needing her to be admitted to the secure psychiatric wing. This is something Paul & Kirstine have first hand experience with. This wonderful woman is so proud of her daughter’s progress and told us that no parent should have to go through the process of having their child committed under the Mental Health Act, nor should any partner. Paul & Kirstine were struck dumb by this woman’s story, affected deeply by her honesty, but at the same time uplifted by her positive attitude.

We made sure to visit The Pinnacles, stunning limestone formations not far from Cervantes. After an annoying run in with a rude DPAW (now DBAC) staff member who was not aware of the Commonwealth legislation regarding assistance dogs (or even the state based legislation which protects the access of interstate qualified dogs), we entered the park and loved other-worldly aspect of driving around. Whilst some visitors ignored the “don’t climb” rules, we were more than happy to follow the path, park and sightsee, and take photos.

Jurien Bay is beautiful, and the kids had a wonderful time playing with the games created and provided by the local Mens Shed. Were the weather less overcast and our time longer, it would be easy to stay and enjoy this beautiful location.

Despite the overcast skies and petulant weather that refused to highlight the stunning seascape and lands we were visiting, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would recommend anyone venture north of the state capital to see what waits beyond. We look forward to seeing more!

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