Cub Campers – Over & Above!


Can you believe it’s been nearly 12 months since we picked up the Cub Supamatic Escape? It’s hard to believe that our gorgeous Cub has been through nearly 50,000km of the Australian landscape, including some of Australia’s most iconic roads – Uluru, Cape York, the Stuart Highway, the Strzelecki & Oodnadatta Tracks .. in many respects we have yet to fully comprehend the experiences that we have had, but all have been with the Cub Camper, and it has never let us down.

Being back in Victoria for the school holidays, we contacted Cub to let them know that  our trip may be extended, and as such we felt it right to return the Cub to them, making other arrangements for the remainder of the journey once we get going again. To be honest, with the extreme conditions that the Cub has been through, it needs a little bit of a “pick me up” as a reward for its resolute and dependable travel as our accommodation companion. Nothing that can’t be fixed, and we are in the process of organising this.

Yesterday we alluded to some massive changes in our journey.

You would be right in guessing that we will not be taking the Cub with us as we travel over to Western Australia and up to the Northern Territory before coming south. Maybe we’ll even get over to Tasmania if we “hold our tongues right”.

What you may not have been expecting, as we certainly weren’t, is to hear that Cub Campers have GIFTED us the Supamatic Escape, for the purpose of furthering our promotion of mental health and suicide prevention, that darned Black Dog that so many of us know.

ARGH!! Easter Sunday we received this news. We haven’t slept much since then, because we can’t honestly believe the amazing gift we have been given.

Will we give the Cub the love and attention she needs? Absolutely!

As to whether we will sell the Cub, or keep it to use as we later promote our documentary and book, we honestly don’t know. We had already been entrusted with the Cub Camper a year ago, and even had a Cub Story made by them at Yulara with our family in May last year.


They believe in US, in our travel to promote mental health throughout this country. They believe in YOUR ability to listen to and support us. Find them on social media – Like, Love, Share – tell them how awesome they are for caring!!

This is one time where we are speechless at the generosity we have been shown.. expect many #TBT from us in relation to the Cub, this fabulous piece of Australian engineering which has been with us since we left Victoria in May 2017.


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