Safety first – with ECCO Safety Group

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There is something singularly exciting about having a new sponsor support our trip. ECCO Safety Group are a worldwide leader in lighting systems for emergency service and commercial vehicles, and are giving back to the emergency services community, by supporting an ex-fire fighter/ambulance officer & providing us with a lighting system for the Legend – a Britax Vantage (orange) LED light bar, ECCO LED self-adhesive surface mounts and LED work lights. We met Jon from ECCO at Creswick on Monday to pick up the package, and he told us about a new facility they are opening in Melbourne later this year. If everything comes together, we’re hoping to go and meet the staff and have a chat about our event and Paul’s career experiences in the emergency services.

Paul pays great attention to detail in wiring the lighting system on the Legend. He really does have a comprehensive skill set that has seen us through some interesting times! A day and a half did the trick, and now we have safety lights which beautifully complement the super bright Dobinson LED light bar.

Why the lighting system, you ask? Safety and visibility. When we pull up on the side of the road to fly the DJI Mavic Pro drone, we can turn the lights on to increase our visibility as well as draw attention to the Legend. Whilst we’re hard to miss with all our sponsor logos on the vehicle, you really can’t ignore strobing LED lights! More people looking at the Legend, means more people taking an interest in what we’re doing, means more opportunities to engage with communities.

As testament to the power of the signage on the Legend, we actually had a lady in Creswick send us a message, telling us that she just saw us in town! When Paul was testing the ECCO Safety Group lights in the evening, a couple of people from the caravan park came to see what the flashing lights were about.

This is a wonderful addition to the Legend, and Paul feels confident having the lighting system installed, having had experience with ECCO Safety Group products throughout his career.

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