Praise for Packsaddle

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The journey north from Broken Hill to Packsaddle takes about two hours along the Silver City Highway. Paul thought it would be prudent to break the long trip to Cameron Corner, and contacted the Packsaddle Roadhouse about a powered site for the night. We were absolutely blown away when Mia offered us cabin accommodation instead, AND meals! Really? How generous can one person be??

We instantly fell in love with the country pub when we arrived, and our cabins gave the kids even more cause for excitement – kids in one cabin, parents in another! The AC was very welcome on a hot day, and we laid low, the kids watching movies on a laptop, while Paul & Kirstine kept cool and watched some rugby.

We ventured into the bar for tea, and ordered what turned out to be awesome pub meals! Paul’s steak was massive, and they cooked us a batch of veges to go with everything. Kirstine was pretty sure the kids were going to pop if they cleared their plates, so generous were the portions of food for us all.

Paul & Kirstine played sim card switcheroo, trying to find one that would work at Packsaddle.

Optus? No.

Aldi? No.

Telstra? YES!

A little data block purchase meant that we could let you all know that we wouldn’t have any comms for a few days. If you’re going bush, always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back – so we let all of our Facebook and blog followers know. You’re our Someones!!

With the kids freshly showered and relaxing in their room, Paul & Kirstine went out to capture the sunset on the DJI Mavic Pro. The flies eventually gave control of the airspace to mozzies as Paul piloted the drone and chatted with staff and patrons from the pub as the sun set. There’s a lot of interest in drones in Far West New South Wales!

The amenities for guests staying at Packsaddle are just lovely – clean, hot water, everything you need in the dusty outback. The cabins are little pieces of paradise – comfy beds, soft sheets, AC, fridge and TV. They even provide some insect spray. You REALLY must stay here if you decide to venture out to Corner Country!

Continental breakfast, coffee (!) and a photo shoot with Mia, and it was off into an area few Australian’s will ever go to. The tracks were closed last time we wanted to do this trip, so were we excited? Not half!!!


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