From Hill to Hill


From Wagga we headed towards Broken Hill, albeit via Swan Hill first. It’s too long a stretch to go straight to Broken Hill in one day, and we would have been travelling at dusk, when even more of the usual wildlife would have been roaming around.

Big 4 Swan Hill were super supportive and gave us a deluxe cabin overnight. We can’t tell you how wonderful this was, after packing up in the warm Wagga sun and driving for five hours! To not have to set up camp, was such a wonderful gift. These cabins are beautifully appointed, with a queen bed for the parents, and bunks for the kids in the second bedroom. Air conditioning, TV, bathroom, full kitchen with all utensils. Paul & Kirstine were able to sit on the front porch and watch the children burn off energy on the jumping pillow. The kids are very patient when we have long days in the car. We try and avoid them, but there are some distances in this vast land, that can’t be travelled in just two hours.

After a peaceful night and coffee on the porch in the morning, we got back in the Legend and headed north to Broken Hill. We have used Broken Hill as a jumping platform to the outback before, and always know we’re getting closer by the numbers of wild goats around! Black, white, tan, grey and all combinations thereof, it’s something the kids love spotting as we drive.

The Lakeview Caravan Park in Broken Hill had offered us a cabin with a toilet for three nights. We set up the Cub on the site next door, as we had to access/rearrange things anyway, and needed power to keep the Evakool fridge running. The kids loved having a flushing toilet, as well as TV and AC. It rained quite heavily while we were in Broken Hill, and a green tree frog made an appearance on the glass cabin door one evening. Quite random, we would have thought, a green tree frog in Broken Hill, considering that we’ve only seen these before in Far North Queensland!

Broken Hill does get sporadic heavy rainfalls, and their storm water drains alongside AND across the road (nice dips during the dry), become fast flowing torrents in periods of rain. “Water crossing in Broken Hill!!” shouted Coops, as we later drove the Legend through a small river of water across the street.

Hot showers in the updates amenities block at the caravan park, made sure everyone was clean before we headed off the next day, one day ahead of schedule.

Outback, here we come!

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