Waylaid in Wagga



Waiting for mail to arrive can be a frustrating experience for us. It seems that no matter how organised the Senders and Recipients are, Australia Post delivery timelines just disappoint.

We were welcomed at the Big 4 Wagga Wagga Holiday Park, who kindly gave us a huge powered site for our stay. One of our three parcels was waiting for us, beautiful lens filters for the DJI Mavic Pro, provided and sent by FPV Australia & Mongrel Gear.

The next morning our next parcel arrived – Luna’s new mindDog vests and ID card. We were on a roll, and seemingly on track to leave on Sunday as we’d planned. A rainy day came in handy for creating a checklist – a review of tasks required before we can head outback again.

Paul took the opportunity to fly the Mavic Pro over the holiday park, with their permission, to provide them with aerial shots and a flyover video for their website. No air traffic (as per the Icom Airband radio), sunshine and light winds, and only territorial birds to worry about, it gave Paul a great sense of pride to pop the stills and video onto a BP USB stick and give it to the new park manager. Our thank you for their support of our travels.

You know that feeling of anticipation when you have something exciting due in the mail? Yes? Then you know the sinking sensation when the mail arrives sans awaited item. That was our Friday morning when we checked the tracking on a super important item, and saw it was still in situ, not even in transit.

Right – departure delayed, we kicked our checklist into action. Maintenance, replacing broken tubs, sorting under bed storage & rearranging same. Paul has been editing videos, and Kirstine went to replenish our emergency food supply tub. Part of Australia that we will be visiting are actually getting rain for the first time in several months. If roads are closed and you’re already on them, you can’t move till they’re opened again. “Be prepared” is not only a Scout motto, but ours as well. With a supply of tinned/packaged goods, we’re set if things turn slushy and we have to stay put.

The staff at Coles Sturt Mall have been awesome. Everytime Kirstine was there, she had engaging discussions with checkout staff about travel or mental health. On her last visit, the register operator was intrigued by our purpose, as he volunteers with Headspace in Wagga. They do outreach work in small neighbouring communities, and he agrees that it is there that the talk about mental health is important. Close knot communities welcome people coming in, trying to help their youth. This confirmed why we prefer to be in rural/remote towns!

A woman on a mission, moving a heavy trolley towards the carpark, Kirstine nearly forgot to stop in and pick up Paul’s medications from Blooms Pharmacy. Boy was she glad she remembered. Not only because it spared a return trip and accompanying frustration, but this errand item left Kirstine’s spirits buoyed in respect of recovering from the lows of PTSD. This, however, will be part of a subsequent post.

Monday morning arrived along with our registered post item. Why were we so very keen to receive this parcel? It contained BP fuel cards for the remainder of our trip. These cards were provided by the Nissan Australia Foundation, matching BP’s initial provision of sponsorship at the commencement of our journey. Without their ongoing support, our trip could not continue.

Tuesday afternoon brought confirmation of activated fuel cards, and a huge sigh of relief.

That evening we watched the sunset with a different sense of anticipation. This time as we watched the thousands of fruit bats take flight from their roosting trees on the banks of the Murrumbidgee, we waved goodbye. Sunrise for us would mean time to leave Wagga Wagga for now.

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