Complementary Communications -refined by RFI

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It has been a busy couple of weeks, our pace being slowed (literally) by Paul’s broken ankle.  We have already told you about Incredibly cool – Icom and Goodies from GME, and now we have RFI on board, who have refined our communication capability.

RFI produce the highest quality antennas for radios.  For us they supplied a UHF antenna (CDQ5000-B), a VHF antenna (CD21-35-50) and a Bury System 9 phone kit (including an antenna,CDQ7195-B) to make sure that we have the best possible reception available.  These antennas work brilliantly with the vehicle mounted UHF radio and Airband handheld radio that Icom supplied us.

Kirstine and the kids met up with the RFI team whilst Paul was on a course with FPV Australia.  Unfortunately, Paul had to wait until his ankle started to feel better (and he was able to wear a moon boot) before he was able to fit the new equipment.

Paul was finally able to install all the new equipment onto the Nissan Patrol Legend last weekend and it has made a huge difference to the quality of our communications. Of course Paul couldn’t fit the equipment on his own, so Cooper volunteered to became the apprentice mechanic and helped Paul by getting the tools and equipment he needed.

The Bury mobile phone system really easy to install and use.  There is a noticeable increase in the phones reception and the fact that it holds the phone securely whilst also charging the phone is fantastic!  Now all Paul needs is a new mobile phone 🙂

The Icom Airband radio sits nicely on the dash in its specially designed vehicle bracket. Having the radio mounted antenna (normal handheld style) on whilst the radio is in the bracket, gets in the way of the passengers view.  With the new RFI airband VHF antenna (a cable to the external antenna replaces the handset one while in the vehicle), the vision is clear again.  The reception is also a lot better.  Paul fitted one of the external speakers that GME supplied us with, which ensures no messages are missed, even in a noisy environment. 

The Legend looks like it’s ready to take on the world, or the Australian outback anyway!

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