Broken ankle & changed plans


We can’t speak highly enough of the Big 4 Seymour Holiday Park for their support of us after Paul broke his ankle. Not only did they extend our stay, gratis, which brought Kirstine to the brink of tears, but the staff were always trying to make sure that Paul had the access he needed to the amenities, putting as little strain as possible on his bad ankle, as well as his good one while on crutches!

A second x-ray while we were in town thankfully didn’t show a second break, which had been suspected. Paul was given the all clear to start using a moon boot in a week’s time!

The day we left, packing up took much longer than usual, as you might expect. It was ridiculously frustrating for Paul to have to sit and watch the kids and I pack up camp. We weren’t in any rush though. Our eldest daughter has been watching closely how to pack the inside of the camper, and took to that like a duck to water. Our youngest daughter jumped up on top of the camper to help manoeuvre tubs into place, to secure with ratchet straps. It was the first time she’s done it, but she’s obviously been paying attention and knew just what to do. 

Kirstine started her full time driving duties, and reversed the Legend into place to hitch up the Cub Camper. 

We were sad to leave Seymour. We didn’t have the opportunity to meet & greet, or speak with community groups, which is hard for us as we like being busy in that respect, yet EVERYONE we met was SO helpful!! Even Kirstine’s grocery runs to Woolworths led to super friendly chats with staff & locals. Whatever is in the water in Seymour, keep putting it in there! 

Our travels were only short that day, and we pulled into the Big 4 Borderland Holiday Park in Wodonga mid afternoon. Not only had the wonderful manager provided us with a site for the night, she marked out the best ones on a map, and pointed out one with an ensuite that we were welcome to use! With the strain of moving with crutches taking a toll on Paul’s good ankle, it was super convenient to have amenities less than 3m from the camper. A massive & ominously dark storm front had us setting up as quick as possible, anticipating a downpour, but rather amazingly, it all blew over! It was an early night for everyone. The kids were dealing with the mental change in processes – Dad supervising and Mum driving, Paul was exhausted for the same reason, and still in pain with his ankle. Kirstine was fatigued after 2.5 hours of getting used to driving while towing the camper. Thankfully she is very familiar with that stretch of freeway, which made the adjustment much easier. 

The next day’s trip was longer. We were bound for Goulburn for a couple of days. Enough time to try and rest Paul’s ankle and work out our routine for the coming week. The Managers at the Big 4 Governors Hill Carapark were delightful. Upon hearing of Paul’s broken ankle, they offered us an ensuite site, to save him having to move to the amenities block on crutches. Kirstine was struck dumb by this generous offer. As we’ve organised accommodation along the way, we are always grateful for anything we are offered in support of our trip. To now have an ensuite available for our stay in Goulburn, was just above and beyond. Even better, the kids got to enjoy the bird enclosures, working model train village (they could make the train stop at the station!), and the musical ants in the garden. Kirstine loved the well appointed camp kitchen, so she could cook up a storm, and Paul met some great people also staying at the park. He got to swap stories with another SES Controller, speak with a delightful gentleman who is undergoing cancer treatment at Peter Mac in Melbourne (and who offered to help us pack up the next day!), and another man who now lives in his new bus, and was fascinated by what Paul had to say about drones, while Luna & his dog played!

We’ve become accustomed to “rolling with the punches” on this trip, and finding ways to overcome obstacles as they throw themselves in our path. Paul’s broken ankle has been a pretty big obstacle, and one that couldn’t be planned for.

Anticipating Frustration, we’ve instead been met with Acceptance.

Anticipating Irritation, we’ve instead been met with Generosity.

Good people have not only supported us, but offered additional resources to make Paul as comfortable as possible.

We’re still figuring out the impact to our itinerary, as we want to be sure that Paul’s ankle is healing properly before we head to the outback again. We’re currently in Bungendore, NSW after a week in Sydney, which we’ll fill you in on later. We have much to do here, but as Paul REALLY needs to rest his ankle, Kirstine is NOT above “misplacing” his new moon boot in order to restrict his movement .. hehehe.

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