Taggerty tranquility & Camping Adventures!





Taggerty is a haven of tranquility beyond the Yarra Valley, nestled alongside the Acheron River. The Big 4 Taggerty Holiday Park had provided us with a site for four nights, and graciously changed it to a powered site once we saw the overnight temperatures forecast. We’ve become quite accustomed to the warmer weather from Queensland, and Victoria is known for taking her time to commit to Spring/Summer temps. Being close to a great camp kitchen was a wonderful bonus – we had a full oven available and were able to have a roast lunch on Sunday!

We met up with Graham at Camping Adventures in Carrum Downs, and this wonderful man, enjoying a change to retail after a career in IT, was more than happy to support our trip and provide us with two new camping chairs, two tables, and a new LED strip light (with the orange light option to reduce bug attraction). Graham has full respect for Paul’s career. He’s known others in the emergency services front line, and admits it’s not a job that he could have done. Graham radiates contentment, and it was a real pleasure to meet someone who has changed from an office based career to retail. He was raised in a retail environment, and is thriving in it now as his own boss. 

We always have a list of messages to run when we’re near a metropolitan/regional centre, and it was tiring negotiating the traffic we’re not accustomed to anymore. It was nice to be able to kick back a little and interact with other campers. We had no less than three families tell us how wonderful our kids are in playing with younger children, and using their manners. Parenting is hard work! and while we’re strict with the kids behaviour, we always pass on the positive feedback we receive about them. We’ve seen plenty of kids who receive no guidance from their parental figures, so for people to seek us out to compliment us about the children, means a huge amount to us. 

Friendly but bold magpies, unabashed echidnas, rushing rapids and secluded shade, the Big 4 at Taggerty is a wonderful place to go and unwind. We’re never “off duty” but it was easier to try and enjoy down time here. 

We’re so grateful to Big 4 Taggerty Holiday Park, and Camping Adventures, for supporting our trip as we prepare for the journey into the outback and up to the Northern Territory!


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