Clearview Clarity

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Paul has been conscious of a lack of visibility of vehicles behind us when we tow. We reached out to Clearview Towing Mirrors, and they were thrilled to be able to help us out with a pair of their mirrors. 

They fitted them for us during a visit to their offices in Craigieburn, and the size difference is amazing. We have the original mirrors and will be refitting them once the trip is done. 

No fiddly “attachment” mirrors to supplement the existing ones, Clearview Mirrors have already spared us from a rear end collision on a Melbourne freeway! Not only can you see clearly down the entire length of the vehicle, thanks to model specific design, you also have blind spot vision. 

In the case of this near miss, we were on our way back to Dandenong, and Paul saw a vehicle change lanes at speed, not seeing the Legend already occupying the space. I’ll let you put two and two together as to why the “mobile” driver was distracted. Paul took evasive action, seeing clearly in our new mirrors that the lane beside us was unoccupied, and by doing so spared the foolish driver rear ending the Legend. Not only would this have injured our daughter, who travels in the third row, we would have had lengthy delays with police reports and repairs.

We can definitely see ourselves enjoying a safer drive thanks to the amazing clarity of Clearview Towing Mirrors, even when we aren’t towing!

Thanks Clearview!


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