Incredibly cool – Icom


We met with Jason and some of the management team from Icom once we arrived in Dandenong. Paul & Kirstine were so comfortable visiting this engaging team, and they were so very focussed on hearing stories from our trip.

We were particularly honoured to meet Mr Komoda, the Managing Director of Icom Australia. He admired the signage on the Legend, and was very observant about the accessories fitted. Icom are partnered with the Nissan Motor Sports team (NISMO), and now have another Nissan association, this time with Driving Oz with the Black Dog and the Nissan Australia Foundation.

In support of our trip, Icom have provided us with a UHF and hand held airband radio, so that once Paul completes his Aeronautical Radio Operator certificate, as part of the Remote Operator certification with FPV Australia in Brisbane next month, he will be able to ensure that his drone flights don’t interfere with aircraft flight operations.

We’d been a bit stressed negotiating Melbourne traffic again, but left our visit to Icom feeling much better. Mr Komoda even made sure that the kids received a couple of goodies, so they weren’t left out.

We look forward to a great partnership with Icom. Oh, and Marty – Cooper’s watch says 9.09pm at the time of typing this. What time do you have? 😛

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