Goodies from GME



Mary at the Big 4 Dandenong Tourist Park has been wonderful in providing us with a powered site for our stay. With a few sponsor meetings in the area, it has been a peaceful and convenient location to enjoy, with great camp kitchen facilities.

While Paul was checking us in, Kirstine chatted with a Jayco staff member who’d noticed Luna and had a relative who used to train Military Working Dogs. This man had suffered with depression all his life, and now recognises it in others and encourages them to talk. He loved what we are doing, but wondered why we didn’t have a Jayco! “Go straight to the big boss if you need one”, he suggested. A lovely gesture on his part, but we love our Cub. It’s conquered the Cape and has more tough roads ahead. We know it’s up to the task.

Mary received a parcel on our behalf, with GME having sent us two super tough UHF handheld radios and accessories in a custom Pelican style case. These units are waterproof and dust proof, completing our communications package. We are now extremely well kitted out for the upcoming remote travels on our itinerary. Thanks GME!

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