A location too spectacular to share

We’re foregoing the usual alliteration in our blog titles, in fact, we don’t even want to tell you where we were. Nope, we want to keep it all to ourselves.

What’s that you said? You promise not to tell anyone else where this place is?  Can we trust you?

Well, if you swear to keep the secret …

A visit to Mon Repos, just outside Bundaberg, is a must. The Turtle Discovery Centre is fascinating, and the boardwalks out to the beach where the loggerhead turtles come to lay in the summer, are lovely. The kids were disappointed not to find turtles on the beach, but still had the memory of seeing them in the waves at Cape York!

Half an hour from Bundaberg you’ll find Woodgate. It’s an unassuming little place, surrounded (hidden) by national park, and home to the Woodgate Beach Tourist Park. Kirsty had offered us a powered site for a night, and was very excited to see us when we arrived. She allocated us a site between the camp kitchen and amenities block – ideal for us! We set up the camper and then decided to go for a drive to explore the area. This stretch of beach is rated as one of the most beautiful, but with such a small population in Woodgate, there are no crowds. Plenty of beach for everyone!

We had the drone with us, and drove to Theodolite Creek to see if we could find a good location for Paul to fly. The weather conditions were perfect, bar some gusts of wind which kept the heat at bay. Pulling up at the day use area, we found toilets and picnic tables, and some families had set up for the day out on the beach with its extremely low tide. The tide left shallow pools and running creeks safe for kids to paddle in. This was incredibly inviting, but then we saw a narrow path leading through the bush away from that beach, and decided to follow it.

That was the best thing we could have done! We stumbled onto an off leash area, on a MASSIVE tidal flat, interlaced with the same shallow pools and streams we had seen earlier. Our jaws dropped, the kids squealed, and Luna was eager to run for the first time in nearly a month. Paul gave the command to sit and wait, and unlatched her leash. She was quivering with excitement, and when he gave her the command to run, Luna took off barking and squealing, running laps around the children and splashing into the water like a child. Having been in croc/stinger/1080 country for weeks, we’d kept a tight rein on Paul’s canine saviour to keep her safe.

The kids ran off to explore the rock pools, finding tiny hermit crabs everywhere, Kirstine strolled along with them, DSLR over her shoulder, Paul found a spot to set up to fly the drone, and Luna ran non-stop laps between all of us! Paul flew the drone a total of 3km while we were there, and Luna probably ran 10!

We hadn’t been expecting to find this spot, and were woefully unprepared – no swimmers! It didn’t stop us wading through the sun warmed pools of water, at least 500m from the actual surf. We stayed for over an hour, but could have spent a day!

Eventually back at camp, the kids played with some younger children from a neighbouring camp, and the next morning these littlies were waiting for our kids to wake up so they could play again! Their mum joked that we’d better do a headcount before we left camp, as we were likely to have an additional three girls in the car with us!

We thanked Kirsty and told her that we’d definitely have to come back for a holiday. Woodgate will never be a busy resort town like Airlie Beach. There’s no ritzy shops, take away food chains or high rise buildings. It’s a quiet beach side town, and perfect for a family holiday spent riding bikes, exploring  the walking trails or beach. As you can tell, we didn’t enjoy ourselves at all, and you shouldn’t go. We’ll go on your behalf, taking one for the collective team 😛

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