REDARC ramps up their support



We have had so many people comment on our Redarc 72W Amorphous folding solar blanket. It is the only one like it that we have seen, and is so much easier to pack away than conventional portable solar panels. Space is definitely at a premium for us!

Paul is all over the technical aspects of the trip, including the solar panels, and in calculating our power needs via the Redarc website, he found that we needed a bit of a boost. Paul applied to Redarc for a supplemental system, and we were thrilled when they came back and offered us a 190W Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells and adapter plug. This will allow us to join our blankets together and have a very impressive 262W input capacity. We will be able to stay off grid for longer, and with the seemingly endless sunshine in Queensland so far, we will be monarchs of the sun, harnessing its clean energy.

THANK YOU REDARC for your continued support of our cause!

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