Mooving on to Moonie, and the kindness of strangers.


My what a day it’s been! Packing up camp always seems to take so much longer when we’ve settled in over the course of a week. It was with reluctant hearts that we left Goombungee this morning, having spent the last week poring over maps and getting ourselves organised for travel, all while having the showgrounds to ourselves! With the exception of Pony Club and some arborists working on a couple of days, we had the run of the place, and the kids made ample use of the green grass and space – even using the Pony Club jumps for some impromptu PE classes!! The caretaker had been around and give us a receipt for the first few days we stayed, and we left the balance owing in the honesty box as we left this morning, with a note saying that we will be back! We’ll probably have missed seeing the baby galahs we know were in one of the gum trees near the camper, but it was special to watch the parents to-ing and fro-ing to the nest! It’s rare to find showground camping that has a laundry, so Kirstine was very excited to have access to a new washing machine, and Queensland sun, to catch up on some laundry!

We’ve only driven a couple of hours today, as we’re taking our time to maximise the exposure of the Legend in all its NISMO designed glory, on the roads. Stopping in Dalby to refuel and stock up on groceries for the week ahead, Kirstine left Paul to rustle up some sandwiches while she was preoccupied in the supermarket. Did I say she was able to shop in peace and quiet? No? Must have been thinking it then .. hehe.

Shopping done, Kirstine wasn’t surprised to return to the family and find Paul in conversation with someone. It is really very common to have people come up and ask us about our trip, based on the signage on the Legend. Paul introduced me to Steve, a Dalby local, and we fell into easy conversation. Steve told Kirstine that he had seen the vehicle and decided to “Google” us to see what we were up to. He then came over and said hello to Paul by name, chuckling when Paul was able to reciprocate with name based on the personalised embroidery on Steve’s work shirt 🙂 Sometimes you just know instantly that you’ve met a good person, and Steve is the embodiment of this. While we worked on finding hidey holes in the camper and Legend for the groceries, Steve told us of his family experiences with “the black dog”, and even went so far as to invite us to stay at their property and have a meal with his family when we pass back through Dalby! We have every intention of catching up with him and his family, and we are genuinely touched that someone we literally just met, offered us a place to stay. Steve had some tips for travel out on our planned route, and wished us all (kids included) safe travel in Queensland and beyond. 

It didn’t take long to get to Moonie, and we’d already booked a site at the hotel/caravan park, the Moonie Crossroads. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves here, and have already spoken with 3-4 people about our trip and beneficiaries. We treated ourselves to a pub meal (chargrilled steak!!!) and relaxed in the John Murray art gallery, while the kids ogled the wild pigs’ heads (and one bum), on the walls. The idea of feral pigs was new to them, to to see the size of some of these creatures was a real eye opener!

Luna was on her best behaviour this evening after the better part of a week free from official assistance dog duties. The staff welcomed her, with Gian also wondering if we wanted to order a rump steak for her (she wishes!!), and even coming to ask if we needed water for her during our meal. We find it funny that in a small but busy Queensland hotel/restaurant/servo, that a service dog was so easily welcomed. Fantastic winter sunshine aside, Queensland, we are very glad we are here, and can’t wait to see more!

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