Look out Queensland, we are on our way!


We have a new Itinerary, which includes a large number of Queensland communities!

We have been busy over the last week working out where we will be in Queensland and when, no small task for such a huge state with so much to offer!

Some passers by and even the caretaker here have asked us about our trip and who we want to be talking to. Even though we have been busy planning the route we will take, we haven’t forgotten this community, and will be back! If we’re honest, the last couple of months have been a huge learning curve for us, and we’re now trying to take the bull by the proverbial horns and take control of our journey. The logistics of travelling around the country with small children who need to receive some education while on the road, finding places to camp, packing up and setting up camp, sourcing groceries, meeting social media obligations, and finding time defuse and care for our own mental health .. sometimes we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day! We have so many supporters, so many people who have told us in person to “keep going – this trip is so important!” .. and so we will. Just bear with us from time to time if we make adjustments on the run!



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