Queensland, are you ready for us?


What are we doing in the photo?  We are currently in Goombungee planning out the Queensland section of our event.  Unfortunately due to uncontrolled circumstances, we had to modify our schedule to meet several commitments, so we are spending the next few days working out where we will be each day over the next couple of months, but also planning camp sites, notifying the media (TV, print, online and radio) as well as contacting local community groups and schools hoping to arrange a meet up, and hopefully a fundraiser (BBQ or dog meetup anyone?).

If you live in Queensland and you would like us to visit you and/or your local community/group/club/school, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

We will update and republish our Itinerary page by the end of the week.  If the date we will be in your community doesn’t work, please let us know and we will see what we can do to be there at a more appropriate time.

2 thoughts on “Queensland, are you ready for us?

  1. ok i have spoken to the president of the leap community club we are will to donate money to this cause could you please let me know asap if this is something you are looking for we were thinking of doing raffle to raise some money and also donate from our club


  2. Hi im going to see our President of pur leap community club tpo see if we can donate some money to black dog cause would be good if you are able to come to our local hotel for a stop over there is a free camp area tgere too

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