A birthday and breaking in some new equipment

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Today has been an exciting day on several levels…

Firstly, it was Annika’s birthday.. her 7th birthday but her first in Queensland!.  

Secondly we found an area where Paul could legally fly the new DJI Mavic Pro which was generously supplied by our fantastic sponsor FPV Australia & Mongrel Gear.  Paul had fun learning to fly this brilliant piece of technology.  Paul’s biggest issue was that Luna decided that it would be a great idea to try to catch the drone in mid flight (as seen in the attached picture).  Paul has been flying radio controlled helicopters for quite a while now so it was very easy for him to adapt the the new drone.  Kirstine then flew the drone on her own and showed that with NO previous experience, you can still fly the DJI Mavic Pro without any formal training (using beginner mode).

Should we mention that we enjoyed a stunning 23 degrees today?? No, let’s not rub it in for our friends and family in the southern states .. hehehe

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