Queensland quirks and quid pro quo

20170728_201011 QLD
Pretty lights on the drone!!
20170728_140551 QLD
The old school version of our HN7 GPS 🙂
20170728_131212 QLD
Warm weather = seasonal fruit in the off season!

20170728_131206 QLD

It was a huge day! Leaving early from Narrabri in northern NSW after a quiet night at the showgrounds, we grabbed some (as it turns out) truly awful bacon & egg rolls from a servo, and made our way further north.

Have you ever sometimes had those experiences where you watch how others drive and wonder how on earth they got their licences?? Considering that not many cereal packets have “toys” in them anymore, it really did leave out minds boggling – road trains overtaking vehicles towing caravans, long vehicles overtaking road trains, we even had one driver swerve out to see what was coming (US!!) as he rounded a curve.. aargh!!

The kids cheered as we crossed the border into Queensland at Goondiwindi. We weren’t able to stay long, as we were committed to picking up a super special parcel at the Post Office in Toowoomba. Imagine Kirstine’s concern when she came back to the Legend with a bag full of QLD goodies, to hear Paul on the phone to TNT about the refused delivery of our special parcel! After a few harried phone calls, and clarification of how to collect a TNT parcel from an Australia Post (competition!) office, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on getting to Toowoomba. Caitlin (sp?) from TNT – The People Network was a miracle worker and made calls to try and get delivery attempted again by the driver. Success!!

Along the way we’d already noticed the warmth in the air, the sunflowers growing wild along the roadside, the bundles of cotton that had fallen loose from a bale or crop, and decorated the roadside, and once we crossed into QLD, the prickly pear (cactus) everywhere! The kids were wondering if we were going into the desert, because of all the cactus, but the rich crop and grazing lands of the Darling Downs region is anything but desert.

Arriving in Toowoomba, we were able to pick up our TNT parcel at the Post Office after paying a nominal fee. We had no problem with this, but the “protocols” each company had to work through to get the outcome we needed was tedious. It was definitely a learning curve for us. We have our mail redirected to a mail forwarding company, who can send to a post office for us to collect. We are learning that in some cases, good will (ours) isn’t enough, and there are bureaucratic steps to follow (Aus Post) to get the job done. Do you know what? We’re not worried. If you don’t experience these things, you can’t learn from them.

We made our way to the showgrounds at Goombungee, about 35km out of Toowoomba, and after a quick call to the Caretaker, were able to set up for the next week. Our plan is to figure out how best to travel Queensland, contacting community groups and media in advance to see if we can maximise the fundraising opportunities as we travel.

On a side note, the kids are super excited about the Mavic Pro drone we picked up today. Paul is quietly cursing Kirstine for finding a campsite that falls within a No-Fly zone, due to the nearby RAAF Base!! LOL!!

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