New Sponsors from the Sydney Motion Picture and Television Engineers Trade Show

adeallogo3.JPGFPV Australia

Thursday morning began early for us as we headed towards Alexandria to drop off the Legend for its 10,000km service. The service manager at Sydney City Nissan had SQUEEZED us into the schedule for that day, and we are hugely grateful for their support! It also felt good knowing that the Legend was going to get some love and attention after already traversing some tough terrain.

We were privileged to be invited by our Platinum Sponsor to attend their stand at SMPTE17.  As part of our visit, we were interviewed live to Videocraft’s Facebook account which can be viewed here. We made our way to the International Convention Centre (ICC) at Darling Harbour, and met up with our fabulous friends from Videocraft for the day at the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE17) Exhibition. The kids were excited to be issued their own access passes, and we weren’t surprised to find that Luna had one as well! Heidi introduced us to the team behind the scenes, and we were truly in awe of the professional set and equipment they were using. We know this is their bread and butter, but WOW!!

Paul and Kirstine were set up with microphones in readiness for our guest appearance being interviewed on Broadcast Brains, which Videocraft live streamed to the internet. LIVE interview – gee, no pressure!! In all seriousness though, it was actually surprisingly easy, and James made us feel very welcome and at home in front of the cameras. It was the perfect medium to talk about our trip and get the message out.

We met some genuinely wonderful people at SMPTE17. Heidi introduced us to those in her network who contributed to the documentary camera kit that Videocraft supplied – Sony & Avid Technologies, but Heidi was super busy with the live stream interviews running during the day, so we took Luna and went for a walk around the exhibitors.

Luna of course was a star, and we stopped to talk to lots of people and explain what a Mental Health Assistance dog does. When we stopped at Mongrel Gear & FPV Australia, we found that they are dog mad, in the best way!! John, the Certified Chief Instructor and Owner, wanted to know everything about our trip, and without hesitation offered us a drone for the event. Not just any drone, but the Mavic Pro! Knowing that we are filming footage to build a documentary, John knew exactly what equipment would help to get the best visuals to use. We are blown away by John’s generosity, and very much feel that Mongrel Gear & FPV Australia is a great fit to the Driving Oz family of sponsors. See our quick video here.

What were the kids up to in the meantime? Penny & Heidi from Videocraft kept the kids entertained! Penny took them on a tour around the exhibition, and Heidi even took them out to the huge playground at Darling Harbour to run off some steam! They also spent time watching the stunning video running at the Sony stand, so the kids can now tell you all about glass-blowing and the gorgeous pieces of art that can be produced.

Paul also had a great chat with the team at Adeal, and came away with a business card and a catalogue, with instructions to send through a list of the items we need so they can get some of them to us!!! Didn’t we say we met some awesome people at SMPTE17??

As the icing on the cake, Heidi’s friend, David, from Sony, is also a talented musician and offered to compose the music for our documentary after Videocraft has edited it.


Leaving SMPTE17 and picking up the Legend, our brains were spinning with the experiences from the day. Driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and watching the kids marvel at the bright lights and Sydney Opera House, was a lovely way to end the day.

To have so many companies believe in us, and be so willing to help us on our journey and continue to offer support on our travels, boosts our spirits, truly!

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