Showgrounds and spirit

Before we get into our SMPTE experience, it’s only fitting that we should share with you our travels to this point.

It has taken us three days to get here, as we undertook some strategic travel to avoid a huge rain front that was moving towards our planned route. Don’t get us wrong, we have no issues per se with some precipitation, however having packed up camp before in the pouring rain, we can categorically state that it is NOT fun, and we will avoid it when forecast indicates would be prudent.

We spent a night in Bungendore, NSW, after crossing through the ACT and having the kids excited that they had visited yet another state/territory. If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we are big fans of showground camping. Aside from having the niceties of flushing toilets and electricity, the few sites available at various small-town showgrounds/racecourses, means that we are contributing to the economy of the town. It may not seem much to some, but for those on a budget (like us), and many smaller towns bypassed by freeways/highways and the rush to get from Point A to Point B, we love checking in, staying and reviewing. So much is missed out on when you stick to the main roads.

Bungendore was thoroughly enjoyable. Not only did the caretaker stop to see how a Cub Camper hard floor is set up, but he came back with fresh scones, jam & cream, and Freddo frogs for the kids! For $20, a powered site and such home made treats made for a truly lovely stay.

From there we actually took the long way around to Moss Vale – via Batemans Bay and Nowra! The Legend coped brilliantly (as did Paul) in the long descent over the Great Dividing Range. We’ve filmed some of it for later use as it was one of the steeper descents we’ve done while towing.

Fish & chips by the beach in Batemans was a treat, and the kids loved the adventure playground.

We were disappointed to find that the road from Batemans Bay to Nowra is mostly inland, having hoped to have a nice coastal drive before turning inland again. Even so, a visit to the Cambewarra Mountain look out made the trip worthwhile. You may have seen our pics on Facebook!

The Moss Vale Showground was easily accessible, and the Caretaker, even though away from the site, was able to give us the site number to go to, with a simple “come and settle up when you see our car”, a trusting country welcome to the Southern Highlands. When she came to call the next morning and saw that we are travelling the country for our charities, she waived the overnight fee for camping!! Never expected, but always appreciated, Kirstine described the purpose of our trip in more detail, and found that the caretaker will also be departing soon on a trip around the country – after her cancer treatment is complete. It just goes to show that so many of us take life for granted without realising. This lady will travel and see fabulous sights in a completely different light, appreciating the beauty of our country with new eyes after conquering cancer.

What catalyst do YOU need to get out and live your best life?

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