Free-camping and free-dom


Our journey along the Murray River has been slow, but we have had some great connections with people.

After leaving the free camping site near Echuca, we spent a couple of nights in Moama at a wonderful Discovery Parks site. It was bliss to shower and wash clothes again! Our neighbours on both sites in the park were interested in our trip. On one side, the gentleman was about to retire after 30 years as a career firefighter within the CFA (Country Fire Authority). He has known many career firefighters who have succumbed to the stresses of the job. He told Paul that we were doing a great thing, by travelling and talking about mental health. Our other neighbour had done 25 years in the Army and also felt the importance of discussions about mental health. Their son suffers from PTSD and they were going to pass on our details to him in the hope that it would show him the other avenues available when life seems all too hard.

From Moama we chose a free camping site on the Murray, near Yarrawonga. Picturesque and peaceful! Kirstine had conversations with people in the car park of the supermarket while on a supply run. We also met a lovely man who was enjoying the camp site too much to want to leave! He is a pensioner, but made a cash donation to us for our charities. We are always humbled by this. People who have little in life, wanting to help others who have less. This is the definition of charity and genuinely boosts our spirits.

It has been a wonderful week of camping, conversations, and making memories. On our only (and old) laptop, we watched “Moana” in Moama and laughed at this wonderful film.  The kids have bush-bathed in the Murray, Luna has chased umpteen sticks and wanted to fetch every line we have cast into the water, and we are talking to people about Life – ours, theirs, and what to do when they need help.

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