Media releases and interviews

Today we’ve been enjoying some R&R by the Murray, and fielding phone calls, emails and texts from some of the media outlets we’ve contacted in regional areas.  

Paul was interviewed by a NSW radio station, who invited us in to the station when we’re near Sydney. 

We’ve also been asked to interview with a Ballarat radio station later in the month. 

Kirstine was talking to a couple of people in town yesterday, and heard that Mildura has a very high rate of suicide. We were really pleased then to have the Sunraysia Daily respond to our media release today and send out a photographer to meet us at our camp site. 

We’re booked in this weekend with the newspaper in Kerang too.

We’re definitely not people who like the limelight, but we need to bring attention to our cause in order to raise money. 

A huge thank you to Vittori Communications for drafting our media release. We’re still learning the ways of media, but are buoyed by the response we’ve had today. 

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