“Now what have you done, Roadley?”

DSC01125 web

These were Kirstine’s words as she came back to The Legend after some shopping and found Paul talking to the NT Police …

While we’re preparing a blog to try and sum up the amazing experiences we’ve had here in Yulara, today was exciting in this one encounter with a couple of NT’s finest!

Paul had the opportunity a couple of nights ago to meet the Yulara emergency services, as they ran a simulated exercise at the rubbish bin right behind out camper! Seen from the amenities block while the kids showered and we supervised, – red & blue lights, water spraying from hoses, fire brigade, police .. Paul was thrilled to talk with them after he recovered from the shock of thinking that our wonderful Cub Camper was on fire! They were all impressed by our mission, having seen our vehicle driving around, and the Yulara police asked us to drop in some of our business cards to the station.

We didn’t get to that before we met these two officers in the shopping centre car park this afternoon. Paul struck up a conversation with them while Kirstine was grabbing some groceries, and we are very grateful that they agreed to have their photos taken for our website. They told Paul that what we’re doing is absolutely fantastic, and there needs to be more people talking about mental health and suicide prevention. They also mentioned that what we are doing is extremely important for indigenous communities in the NT, and asked for a bunch of our cards to pass out at Alice Springs and Yulara.

It was a thrill to have a few minutes with some frontline emergency services officers. We are looking forward to meeting many more of you on our travels both in the NT and the rest of Australia.

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