Look out Northern Territory!

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As we mentioned last time, due to the closure of several of the dirt roads that we needed to travel, we have had to revert back to the black top instead of visiting Cameron Corner, the Strzelecki and Oodnadatta tracks and the communities along the way, but don’t worry, we will make sure we visit these communities before the end of our trip! Whilst we are in Yulara we will be meeting up with a producer to do a Cub Campers video/photo shoot.

Yesterday we stopped at Woomera and the kids were excited to see some models of real missiles/rockets that have been tested at the worlds largest testing facility. Kirstine and the kids were up at dawn today, so if you want to see a couple of pics of an outback sunrise, jump onto Facebook. The caravan park there was fairly quiet, but it’s a great place to stop. We considered briefly stopping at “Spuds” Roadhouse at Pimba, where you can camp/park overnight for free, and we think we may even try that on the way back down south.

Today Kirstine had her first experience driving the Nissan Patrol Legend Edition with the Cub Campers Supamatic Escape.  She got to see for herself how well the Patrol performs and how great the Cub Camper tows. Paul was completely comfortable with her driving, and only said some prayers to an unseen deity about twice before he had to deal with the evil glares that reminded him to be a supportive husband … LOL!!!

It surprises us that “grey nomads” and tourists travel the Stuart Highway with excitement, but there are so many families who put off treks into the heart of our great country. Fear of the Unknown perhaps? Preference for holidays on beaches or with kids clubs? Whatever the reason, there are so many beautiful sights to see, particularly at this time of year when they’ve had so much rain and the red plains are covered with green growth. The sunsets and sunrises alone are spectacular and completely unimpeded by civilisation. Nature in all its simplicity and splendour.

Tonight we are in Marla before crossing the border into the Northern Territory and arriving at Yulara. This is a busy overnight spot! We met a lady this evening who lives on the (indigenous) APY Lands, and is also living with PTSD. She asked us to visit the APY Lands, and promised us a donation if we get to her workplace! That sounds like a great challenge, but even more wonderful was that she INVITED us to go, saying we’d be welcome. This means a lot to us, so we’ll do all we can to make this happen. In the meantime, our next blog post will be from the Northern Territory! A first for Kirstine and the kids. The excitement is palpable 🙂

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