Hooroo from Orroroo!

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It wasn’t until we had bought supplies and fuelled up in Broken Hill that we discovered that the roads out of Cameron Corner across the Strzelecki were closed. In fact most of the dirt roads in that area were either closed or had a restriction on which vehicles could attempt to drive on them. As disappointed as we were to have to postpone that section of the trip, we decided to head south towards Port Augusta, in order to then take the roads north towards the interior, but not before Paul was interviewed over the phone for a magazine!

We crossed the border back into South Australia at Cockburn, and during a toilet break for the kids, found in the bathrooms a lovely note from the community, welcoming visitors and asking them to stop and have a cuppa and a chat at the post office/general store/hotel. Did you know the small community there pays for their own street lights, so that they aren’t a “black hole on the Barrier Highway”??

Not having travelled this stretch of road before, we were all amused by the various names for townships/localities that we passed through. Yunta, Winnininnie Creek, Oodla Wirra (quarantine stop!!) .. we guess we’d need to do some serious googling to see what the origins of these place names are, much the same as we did when we first moved to Western Australia two years ago. Australia has such a fascinating mix of European and Indigenous place names.

Rather than go right through to Port Augusta, we consulted our Hema HN7 GPS and found a little place called Orroroo. This town with only two letters in the name drew us in from the get go. We’ve liked it so much we stayed for another night after some sightseeing today. Small country towns have so much to offer, and it’s been wonderful to let the kids go free range at the golf course below our camp site, safe and secure and bothering no-one.

We’ve had people come and ask us about the vehicle, about our Redarc solar panels, recognise us from the caravan park when we’re in town for tea. Our business cards are flying out, and we haven’t even had a chance to do our media release yet! There’s had to be so many itinerary changes that we haven’t wanted to disappoint any more people, and the intermittent internet access in some of our overnight locations has also been challenging.  We’ll get into the swing of things, but in the meantime if you see our blog or social media, please let us know if you’d like us to stop by. We’ll need to practise our videography techniques on some people too, so if you’d like to be a guinea pig for us …

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