Lightforce and ShuRoo spared us a close encounter of the roo kind


After leaving Blackwood on Saturday we headed towards NSW, with Mungo National Park in mind as our destination. As the day wore on, we decided it would be safer to stay overnight enroute, rather than risk driving at night in an area we know is well liked by kangaroos!

Paul switched on our Lightforce Blitz driving lights, and we all had a bit of a chuckle to see that the left hand light had been bumped, and was in actual fact scanning the canopies of roadside gum trees for dropbears! Braving the fearsome Aussie dropbear, Paul decided to hop out of the car and adjust the driving light properly. The picture you see above is the Before and After of switching them on – super impressive!!

About 5km from Balranald, the lights picked up a couple of roos on the side of the road. The ShuRoo was already on, and as it turned out, the roos decided to move – across the road in front of the car. The combination of Lightforce and ShuRoo definitely spared us an encounter of the kangaroo kind, getting us safely into Balranald for an overnight stay.

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