Journey into history at Mungo National Park

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Leaving Balranald early on Sunday morning, we headed to Mungo. Whilst Paul & Kirstine had been here before, it was the first time the kids have been. There is over 45000 years of Australian history to be discovered here, and it is well worth the drive. We told the kids occasionally to just listen – the history and power of the Australian outback speaks to you here.

Imagine our surprise when we pulled up at the Main Camp, when we saw ANOTHER Cub Camper SupaMatic Escape! The owners soon came over to say hello and to talk “Cub”. The family have a daughter with autism and epilepsy, so were really interested to talk about Luna and her role as a Mental Health Assistance Dog. They’ve been looking into getting an assistance dog for their daughter, knowing the benefits that dogs bring to someone with a disability.

We drove around the park and visited the Zanci Homestead to see what life was like for the pastoral families in Mungo’s hey day. Packing up to head out to the Walls of China, or lunette, we were keen for the family to see the stunning sunset that brings people from all over the world to Mungo National Park. Those pics will be part of our next post!

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