Farewell Blackwood, we’re on our way!

DSC00432 webDSC00434 webDSC00437 webDSC00445

It feels completely surreal to no longer be camped at Blackwood Mineral Springs Holiday Park!

After being comfortably entrenched in our divine campsite for so long, packing up this morning took longer than we thought, so it was a lunchtime departure instead of the anticpated 10am. We blame it entirely on pausing to watch the kangaroos grazing next to the camper, and the kookaburras who came to laugh as we packed up. Luna worked hard as you can see, making sure the camper trailer tyre wasn’t too affected by the sun… Even so, everything looks so impressive when it’s said and done, doesn’t it?

Brad & Jenni were superb hosts, and so generously supported our unexpected extended stay, and let the kids raid the lolly stores in the front office before we left! 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, Blackwood Mineral Springs Holiday Park. We have some wonderful memories from our time with you, and will be singing your praises to anyone looking for an idyllic piece of paradise to camp at in Victoria.



One thought on “Farewell Blackwood, we’re on our way!

  1. see i think luna is making sure them kookaburra’s weren’t laughing because a possum was coming over and loosening ya lug nuts. she was keeping you safe 😉


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