The Legend is here!



We know we’re supposed to sound all composed and professional, but after a day like today, all we want to say is, well, diplomatically speaking, what a freaking unbelievable day!!

For those who missed our (deliberately) laissez-faire reference to the Legend in earlier posts, the Nissan Australia Foundation upgraded our vehicle to the last of the Legend series, complete with all sponsorship logos. It has been in the works since late March, and today was the changeover day after some last minute schedule changes.

It was indeed an early start, inclusive of a good frost, to make sure we made it through Melbourne’s peak hour madness in time to meet Alan and his team at Dandenong Nissan. Amazingly, even with the traffic snarls, we were bang on time and settled in for a coffee while Alan’s service team went to work removing the roof top tent and anderson plug from the original Patrol we were supplied with by the Nissan Australia Foundation. Once that was done we headed off in the now-very-bare Patrol, to run some messages while some of our accessories were re-fitted to the Nissan Patrol Legend!

The service team at Dandenong Nissan are simply superb. Alan is wonderfully professional and personable, Patrick chatted with Paul about our trip and some of the more difficult routes we are taking around the country, Kayla was curious about Luna’s role as a Mental Health Assistance Dog, and even made the kids a hot chocolate, making her an instant favourite with them 🙂 We may have been sitting quietly in the customer lounge drinking coffee, but we could hear the team interacting with their clients, and they truly know the meaning of customer service.

When Alan drove the Legend up for us to pick up, we simply couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces. We have so much to discover in this vehicle, and that’s before we even continue our journey! Winch, snorkel, GPS, bull bar – all Nissan genuine parts. The NISMO team have done a fabulous job with the signage. There’s no hiding us now! In fact – on the way towards Burwood, we had a van pass us, and the driver wound down the window and give us a big thumbs up, which we returned in kind. It took us a couple of kilometres to realise that the driver was a visitor from the Blackwood Mineral Springs Caravan Park that we met over Easter!! We had a great chat with the group he was with, and it’s simply uncanny that out of the ENTIRE population of Melbourne, he saw us in the new vehicle and waved. We were completely chuffed!!

That’s only the first part of the day. Tomorrow we’ll update you on our brilliant visit to Videocraft in Burwood. They made Kirstine a birthday cake too 🙂

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