Itinerary changes and Do you want us to visit?


Due to delays in us receiving some sponsor supplied goods, we have had to change some of our Itinerary.  Please refer to our Itinerary page for the latest information. Don’t worry if it looks like we’re not coming to visit you in Victoria, Tasmania or South Australia. To keep our itinerary on track, we’ve changed our trip to come and see you towards the end of our journey instead of the start. We’ve already found that sometimes things happen outside of our control, and we’re learning to adapt and be flexible. It probably won’t be the last time!

Are you part of an Emergency Service, Country Women’s Association, Men’s Shed, Sporting Club, Motorsports Event, Community Resource Centre, Automotive Club, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Scouts/Guides, Sports Clubs/Event, Primary and Secondary School, University, Trade Show, Local and State Government? If you are and would like us to visit you, please contact us on 0427 388 168 or via email For more information click here!

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