We’ve come out of social media hibernation for Easter!

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If the first two weeks of our trip is any indication, we are in for one heck of a whirlwind ride!

As you might expect when crossing the Nullarbor, if you haven’t already undertaken this iconic Australian journey, internet access is intermittent. There are some great areas of connectivity along the way, but they were never at a convenient place for us to stop and update all our social media at once! As such, if you follow us on Facebook, we found that to be the quickest way to “check-in” and post a few pictures before we moved on from each stop along the way. If you’ll indulge us, we’ll probably replicate a few of those posts/pictures to bring everything up to date on here.

On our first day, (already two weeks ago!), we drove from Perth to Esperance via Wagin, Lake Grace, Lake King and Ravensthorpe. We were all very amused to listen to directional updates on our TomTom GPS unit, as it announced that our destination was in fact “Ess-prancy”, not Esperance as we believed. The kids are STILL chuckling about that one. With detours in place after the recent flooding, our arrival into Esperance was later than we had hoped, but we were welcomed wholeheartedly. It was already dark by the time we set up camp, but we were all happy to be sitting in the annex of our 3Dog Camping roof top tent in our camp chairs, eating our tea, illuminated by our Lightforce Australia LED Light Strip. The mozzies outside necessitated some cramped eating conditions. Thankfully a sea breeze blew them away not too long afterward, and the kids were able to run around with their Walther Pro head lights on and make some friends before bed. On the way to brush our teeth, a lady approached us to compliment us on our lovely children. We got to chatting, and after hearing about the trip we had started for our cause, she shared with us that she had lost a family member to suicide. We had already had interest from others in the caravan park about Luna and her bright yellow mindDog vest, and answered questions about what a Mental Health Assistance Dog (MHAD) does to support their handler. Suffice to say, the positive reception in Ess-prancy and support we received from staff and guests in the caravan park, led to a happy night’s sleep!

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