Off the grid – pros and cons!

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As of Easter Saturday, the kids are away for a week with family, so Paul has been busy installing our Redarc inverter. We’re now completely off grid and charging the camper trailer battery with the gorgeously flat and foldable Redarc solar panels. Of course, when we are camped in a valley, we can’t make the internet come down to our level, so today we have walked up the hill for a quiet shower, and to get back ON the grid! (hence all of our catch ups .. lol!)

We were hoping for a quiet week, but realistically we know it will be anything but. Once the vehicle swap with Nissan happens, and the fully wrapped Nissan Patrol Legend carries all our sponsor logos as well as our own, we know that our relative anonymity will cease to exist. We’ve been proud to wear our Nissan polos and bright red Nismo jackets as a type of uniform, but the Legend will put us well and truly in the spotlight for our beneficiaries – Lifeline and mindDog Australia.

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