Easter update #7 and then there was Cub Campers!!

Chasing the storm ahead
Rainy day in the camp kitchen at Blackwood
Luna loving the fire
Family cuddles on a rainy day by the fire
Cub Campers joins the family!
Paul and Luna, along with Dave and Steve at Cub Campers
Camp is set up!!


Our eldest daughter and Luna drinking rain water from the awning .. LOL!


A super quick border cross into Victoria on Day Seven saw us bound for Blackwood’s Mineral Springs Caravan Park. The awesome husband and wife team responsible for the park made room for us at a great rate, for which we are hugely thankful for! It was pouring rain when we got here, and even though it let up enough for us to set up camp, we had significant rain over the next couple of days, and had our first experience with trying to camp when everything is wet! Definitely not fun! The location, however, is idyllic. A bush camp on the banks of the Lerderderg River and we are still here!

On Tuesday this week we took a drive to Campbellfield in Melbourne for a very special appointment. We met Steve and Dave at Cub Campers, and took delivery of our platinum sponsored camper trailer! Steve took time to show us over the trailer and answer any questions we had, and walked us through the no-fail instructions for setting up and packing up, the Supamatic Escape! Every customer gets the same service to ensure they know how to work with their investment in adventure. Once hooked up the Nissan Patrol, they tested indicators and brakes, including helping to adjust the Redarc electric brake system so that our towing experience would be as smooth and safe as possible. The kids explored many of the display models in the showroom, and were fascinated with how such a big tent folds up into a trailer!

Back in Blackwood, and with the sunshine back, we set up our full camp for the first time, and were quite proud of ourselves! The kids are sleeping in the roof top tent and annex, Paul and Kirstine are in the camper trailer, and Luna is able to help Paul again when his nightmares take hold. We are finding huge enjoyment in sitting around the camp fire as a family. The kids do their chores, and have had the freedom to go on “adventures” as they call them, with the handheld UHF radios which were supplied to us by Future Systems. We’ve lost count of how many times each of the children called us up on the radio to tell us that they love us, were going to the playground, crossed the trickling river, made a friend, or were headed to the toilet..lol! The Easter holiday guests at the caravan park know who we are and we’ve had some great conversations as we walk around.

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