Easter update #6

Day Six meant tackling Adelaide traffic – something which always stresses us out. After a couple of years living in a small town, the hustle and bustle of cities puts us on edge. This time we had a reason to make a detour here though, as Walther Pro provided us with an additional multi-tool so that we each have one, and one of their new knife sharpeners. These multi-tools have been used every single day, most recently for fixing the water tap on our camper trailer!! If only the parking opportunities had been more friendly for 4WDs towing furniture trailers, it would have been great to pop in and see the staff at Walther Pro and say thank you! We do have to come back to Adelaide, so we’ll have to catch up on that. It was a relief to be back in quieter quarters when we arrived in Bordertown for the night, and had the pick of GRASSY sites. We truly think this is the quickest we have set up camp since we started! Our eldest son had a go at a radio sched on the VKS737 network through our Barrett HF radio, but atmospheric conditions meant that he couldn’t quite get through to the Alice Springs base we were hoping to reach. Luna’s good behaviour made quite the impression with two other sets of campers, and Paul chatted with them the next morning about Luna’s training and role in his life.

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