Easter update #4

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Day Four meant crossing the Nullarbor National Park, and seeing the sights from the awesome lookouts along the Great Australian Bight. Whilst it was too early for whales (which you can spot for free at the lookouts by the way), we did see a pod of dolphins playing/hunting in the surf far below us. The kids had a great view by standing on the lookout wall, which is at least 5 metres back from the undercut cliffs. We were dismayed when a lady suggested we take the children out past the wall and closer to the cliffs to see the dolphins. Like THAT was ever going to happen!! Surprisingly, an older couple got into a conversation with us while dolphin watching, and gave us a donation towards our charities! How completely random and wonderful is that?! We stopped for the night in windy Ceduna (more rocky ground at the caravan park), and had a relaxing evening in the camp kitchen, chatting with a man who was adventuring on his motorbike. His brother had some ongoing mental health issues, so he was really glad to hear about what we are doing.

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