Easter update #3

Day Three led us to Eucla. On the way we refuelled at the BP at Caiguna, and were most amused to find that it is the self proclaimed Hub of the Universe, and Home for Wayward Gnomes! On a previous trip through Caiguna I seem to remember that there were many many more gnomes on display. Perhaps they were shamed into pursuing the straight-and-narrow and were cured of their Wayward-ness??

Eucla itself is just before the border to South Australia on the Western Australian side, but being soo far away from the rest of the state, it lies in a curious twilight time zone which is 45 minutes ahead of the rest of WA. No phone networks detect this change, so to ensure we knew exactly what time it was, Paul changed his watch, and the clock on his phone. We were however, super impressed to see that our TomTom GPS unit had a lovely little note about our estimated arrival time (ETA). It declared the time we should arrive – complete with +3/4hr reference. Very clever piece of technology!

We’ve camped at Eucla before, and knew to expect the rocky ground. Many more tent pegs tried to become horse shoes, and several expletives were uttered before we were ready for the night. The next morning we headed out to the Old Telegraph Station for a quick look, and were dismayed to find that vandals had made an eyesore out of this piece of history which is slowly being reclaimed by the surrounding sand dunes.

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