Easter update #2

We’ve had some internet issues but we’re working through them!

Day Two saw us headed for Balladonia – only a six hour drive away. We arrived with plenty of time to set up in the otherwise empty caravan park. Challenges in this location? 1. The bitey Balladonia flies, which thankfully disappeared after sunset. 2. Rock hard ground meant we bent a lot of pegs trying to set up camp. 3. No BBQ facilities as we had been led to believe from the internet. Therefore Luna had a lovely big tea of sausages, and we had to purchase ours from the Roadhouse. Our eldest daughter DID enjoy the Skylab museum while we waited for our takeaway order to be ready. Another family arrived soon after us, and as children are magnets to other children, ours had soon scarpered to play various games with their new friends before settling down for the night. Other campers spoke with us the next morning not only about our polite children (which we never tire of hearing), and also curious about our trip, as our ELDEST son had mentioned we were on a trip around Australia to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health assistance dogs. As parents it is always a delight to hear that your children make a good impression, but to also find out that they are happily promoting our cause as well? Priceless!!

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