Platinum Sponsor – Nissan Australia Foundation has provided us a Patrol

Our number one Platinum Sponsor – Nissan Australia Foundation has provided us with a Nissan Patrol for our event, as well as ANOTHER sponsor!

Paul, Cooper and Luna (Paul’s Mental Health Assistance Dog) flew to Melbourne last Wednesday to pick up the Nissan Patrol from the Nissan Head Office.  On arrival at the office, Paul was met by some of Nissan Australia Foundation’s Board members and also one of Nissan’s social media team.

Paul was expecting to pick up the Nissan Patrol, but he wasn’t expecting to be given some of Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) merchandise, and Cooper was given a GT-R toy car (which he has barely put down).  To make it an even better day, Paul was then advised that the Nissan Australia Foundation had decided to donate $10,000 worth of BP fuel!

After one other meeting on Friday (see our next blog post!), thanks to another surprise that Paul had during the Nissan Australia Foundation meeting, Paul, Cooper and Luna travelled back to Western Australia across the Nullarbor with the new “beast”, arriving back home on Sunday evening.  Paul did take a short cut home, which had been recommended to him as it would save him driving an extra 200kms, but thanks to recent rain/flooding in the area, the graded gravel road was more of a serious off-road track.  On the plus side, even though the vehicle was stock standard as it came out of the factory, Paul was extremely impressed with its capability stating “most standard four wheel drives would not have had a chance of getting through some of the washouts and ruts”, so we are sure the vehicle will definitely be up to the challenge of our adventure.

Thanks again Nissan Australia Foundation for your fantastic support!

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