Of dogs and planes and cars and things …



It’s been a hectic week getting organised for Paul to travel over to Melbourne to pick up our new Nissan Patrol. Having to travel with Cooper and Luna and without Kirstine was extremely stressful for us adults. Luna isn’t yet allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin with Paul as she is still in training, so we had to book her to travel as pet freight with Qantas on the same flight. That part of the process worked extremely smoothly and Kirstine was able to book everything on line, including hiring the crate from Jetpets, who delivered it to Qantas Freight ready for Luna when she arrived to check-in at Perth. Paul was even able to get a picture of Luna’s crate being loaded onto the plane!

The Qantas flight crew were nothing short of outstanding. Kirstine had arranged a meet-and-assist to ensure that Paul had the support he needed, and the crew went above and beyond to make sure that both Paul and Cooper were taken care of on board. No less than three crew members also stopped to listen about the Driving Oz with the Black Dog journey and our cause, noting the details so they could check out the website later.

Luna arrived safely, and Cooper had to test out the size of the crate for himself. As you can see, it was very spacious!

Paul had picked up a Thrifty hire car, and when the agent heard about our trip, he upgraded Paul to their top model Mitsubishi Pajero Sports SUV! Instead of a compact sedan, he now had a funky SUV with flappy paddle gear box!

To Jetpets, Qantas Freight, Qantas and Thrifty, our heartfelt thanks for taking care of Paul, Luna & Cooper. You may not have understood the levels of anxiety that Paul was experiencing while travelling, but your service made the day far easier for him to cope with, particularly when he couldn’t have Luna on board the flight. We will definitely be seeing you again, this time as a family 🙂


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