BP is fuelling the Driving Oz journey!

BP image3(1)

As if the travel to Melbourne, meeting the Nissan Australia Foundation and picking up our Nissan Patrol wasn’t enough, Paul came home with another sponsor!

As part of the meeting with Kate and the Nissan Australia Foundation board, they surprised Paul with a phone call to BP, who told him they were thrilled to be partnered with us, and would be providing us with $10,000 of fuel to keep us travelling. Yes, you read that correctly, and we’re still trying to comprehend it, $10,000 worth of fuel!

On Friday, Paul, Cooper and Luna met with BP staff in Docklands in Melbourne, and Luna was certainly a star attraction! Surrounded by staff with smart phones taking photos, and even making sure a cup of water was available for her, she handled the attention with aplomb. People were asking Paul questions about Luna, and were genuinely interested in her role and how she helps him. Just her presence in the building started people talking about mental health assistance dogs .. can you see how we are already starting conversations? ..

Thanks BP, you’ve amazed us with your generosity, and we can’t wait to see you as we travel!





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