Vehicle pick up date confirmed! Now a challenge for 4×4 accessory & camper trailer manufacturers/suppliers…

Nissan Patrol Towing.jpg

Nissan Australia Foundation have confirmed that we can pick up their sponsored Nissan Patrol on Thursday 16th March!  Paul will then drive the vehicle across the Nullarbor and back to Perth.  But here is a challenge we put to every 4×4 accessory manufacturer/supplier and off road camper trailer manufacturer/supplier….

Currently the vehicle is a blank canvas that looks exactly like the Nissan Patrol in the picture, which is great for driving around a city, but it needs some additional equipment to make it more practical for driving more than 70,000kms around this wonderful country with our kids.  How fantastic would it be, if by the time Paul gets home with the vehicle, that the additional equipment below has been fitted, or arrangements have been made to have them fitted in Perth the following week. Remember, that our event starts on 2nd April so there isn’t much time to get the vehicle ready.  We know there are 4×4 equipment organisations and off road camper trailer organisations that have thought about sponsoring us, but to date no-one has put their hand up to help us out.

We believe the vehicle needs a bullbar, side bars/protection and rear protection.  It needs roof racks to mount our 3Dog Camping supplied roof tent.  It needs recovery gear such as an electric winch and sundry recovery equipment. It needs a dual spare wheel carrier, 6 off-road wheels and tires.  It needs it’s windows tinted and a uhf radio fitted.  It needs a Shuroo fitted to try to keep the skippies from remodelling the front of it. A dual battery system, air compressor and a snorkel to protect the engine from H20 and dust. Of course we are keen to have the vehicle fitted with as much equipment as possible, and for the right organisation, they could supply everything we have listed and more to really showcase their product to the who’s who of Australia.  Not forgetting that we still need an off road camper trailer for us adults to sleep in!

Paul is happy to stop along the way (or in Melbourne) to have equipment fitted to the vehicle and/or to pick up a camper trailer.  If you can help us with this challenge, please get in contact with us as soon as possible on 0427 388 169 or via email

Let the challenge begin!!!

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