Calling VKS737 Black Dog 0212


Our fantastic sponsor VKS-737 Radio Network has come through and provided us with network access confirmation, AND they have even given us a personalised callsign – VKS737 Black Dog 0212

With thousands of registered users across Australia on the network, we are sure to meet fellow VKS-737 members along our travels.  If you hear us on the radio or want to see where we are, just give us a call, who knows, it may be one of the kids that may respond to you (under our supervision of course)!

Unfortunately we dont have our Barrett Communications supplied 2050 with the 2019 auto tuning antenna (with gps) fitted to our vehicle yet as we only pick up our Nissan Australia Foundation supplied Nissan Patrol later this week or mid next week so there is no point trying to call us just yet.  Our event around Australia raising funds for Lifeline Australia and mindDog Australia starts 2nd April and will run through to the end of the year, covering in excess of 70,000kms and reaching some of Australias most remote townships along the way.

Join us on our travels by following us on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on LinkedIn.  You can make a donation to our Beficiaries by clicking here.

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